PVC plastic material formulation

  • PVC plastic design principles formula Profile 

    1, resin PVC-SC5 should choose PVC-SG4 resin or resin, that is, degree of polymerization of PVC resin in 1200-1000. 

    2, shall be added to heat-stable system. In accordance with practical requirements of production choices, pay attention to between the heat stabilizer and confrontation synergy effect. Different thermal stability characteristics of the system described in the above table: 

    3, shall be added to the impact modifier. And ACR can choose CPE impact modifier. According to the composition of formulations, as well as other plastics extruder capacity, the amount of the 8-12. Lower CPE prices, a wide array of sources; ACR anti-aging ability, high strength welding angle. 

    4, by adding appropriate lubrication system. Lubrication system can reduce the load of processing machinery to make products that smooth, but too much can cause decreased strength welding angle. 

    5, by adding processing plastics modifier can improve the quality of products to improve appearance. ACR processing in general by adding modifiers, the amount of 1-2. 

    6, by adding fillers to reduce costs and increase the rigidity of profiles on the low-temperature impact strength but a greater impact should be chosen higher fineness increases the activity of precipitated calcium carbonate, and addition of the 5-15. 

    7, must be added a certain amount of titanium dioxide in order to play the role of UV-shielding. Rutile titanium dioxide should be selected by adding the volume of the 4-6. Can be added when necessary, ultraviolet absorbent UV-531, UV327 profiles in order to increase the capacity of anti-aging. 

    8, by adding appropriate blue and fluorescent whitening agent, can significantly improve the color profiles. 

    9, in the design formula should be as simple as possible, as far as possible not to join the liquid additives, and mixing processes in accordance with the requirements (see mixed problems) in batches according to the order to feed formula is divided into I, Liu, Ⅱ expected number, Ⅲ its packaging material, respectively.
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