Mobile phone cases history

Cellphone Cases

In the mid - to late 1990s, mobile phone cases became popular with mobile phone slimming.The type also increased with the increase of mobile phone brands and functions are diversified, the materials they have leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic, velvet, silk and other products, and according to the difference between the models with specific provisions of straight board and flip.Limited by the model, the application category of mobile phone sets is also different.Straight - board machines can usually use a full range of mobile phone covers, while slide - type folds tend to have only leather cases.

The history:

Cell phone covers are no longer simply practical goods.With the popularity of mobile phones in young communities, almost every fashion-conscious young man wants a unique phone.It has gradually become a way for them to show their individuality.To cater to this trend, manufacturers of mobile phone protection have introduced many more sophisticated products with better color patterns.This makes the types of phone cases more diverse.

In China, all kinds of high-end mobile phone users are universalized and popularized.Seeing the development prospect of global mobile phone sets, manufacturers of mobile phone sets have sprung up.These companies make mobile phone sets with various materials, and also emphasize on the beauty, personality and quality of mobile phone sets.The diversity and diversity of the mobile phone sets are endless, and it is surprising that some of them are far more expensive than mobile phones.Some companies heavily to build luxury series of phone sets, phone sets appearance set auger - Ketaili series, set series of agate, tillie, inlays phnom penh - KTL series more high series of high-end, luxury elegant mobile phone sets.



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