Is it true that the "cellphone case causes cancer"?

The controversial information

Is it true that the "cellphone case causes cancer"?

According to experts, the news that "cell phone sets contain strong carcinogens" is a bit ridiculous, and that mobile phone users should pay more attention to the long-term use of mobile phones to carry a large number of bacteria.

Cell phone covers do not have carcinogenic substances, but environmental expert dong jinshi suggested that people should be careful to avoid fake cellphone cases when purchasing such products.

Phone cases fuction:

1. Protect the phone in case hard objects leave scratches on the phone's screen or fuselage.

2. The phone covers can be printed with all kinds of colors, and there is a beauty effect!

3. Silicone sleeve can prevent the nail from contacting with the button for a long time to scrape the flowers and wear out, and it has the function of protecting the screen and the key.

4. The silicone sleeve has anti-slip effect.

5, apple phone sets, but also has enhanced the role of the signal, because some mobile phone shell is formed after contact with the metal magnetic field interfere with cell phone signals, to mobile phones put on insulation sleeve, can enhance the signal.

6. Protect your cell phone when it falls unexpectedly and prevent it from falling.

7. Styling mobile phone sets can be used to dress up the mobile phone as various personalized shapes.



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