Fridge magnet

  • PVC fridge magnet
PVC fridge magnet

PVC fridge magnet

PVC Fridge Magnet:


    Soft PVC+ Flexible Magnet

Nontoxic and eco-friendly,

We can provide you the excellent quality, competitive price and best service. 

    The customer's own logo can be embossed, debossed or printed on the PVC fridge magnet.

    Different sizes, patterns and colors are available according to customers' requirements.

    Flat 2D effect or 3D effect is available.

    All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only.
    We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.


PVC fridge magnet is convenient to keep the note and leave the message for the family. Therefore, it is very useful for home decoration. It can be suitable to be the Christmas gift, advertising and promotional gift, souvenir gift, business gift and festival gift and so on.

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