Silicone bracelets

  • Silicone hollow bracelet
  • Silicone hollow bracelet
Silicone hollow braceletSilicone hollow bracelet

Silicone hollow bracelet

silicone hollow bracelet


1. 100% silicone,RoHS approved, Eco- friendly, non-toxic and Friendly to your body;

2. Size: length:15cm for children;18cm for women; 19cm for men; width: 20-35mm; tickness: 2mm

3. Colors: Any colors can be available;

3. Soft, flexible, excellent abrasion resistant;Easily get back to their original shape, high tensile, good elasticity

4. Shape: lifelike images like animals, insects,etc, just as tatoo, many different designs for your option;



1. For hair or bracelets; 

2. Tie up something in daily life

3. Gift for kids and teenagers; 

4. Children picture puzzle toy;

5. Decoration for parties   

6. For collection as a habit;

7. Most suitable for Promotional Gift


Packing specifications:

Cartoon size: 32cm *31cm* 25cm; 1pc/opp; 1000 pcs/ctn; 

NW: 9kg/ctn; GW: 10Kg/ctn;

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