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  • wheels PVC toy
  • wheels PVC toy
  • wheels PVC toy
  • wheels PVC toy
wheels PVC toywheels PVC toywheels PVC toywheels PVC toy

wheels PVC toy

  • Product description: wheels PVC toy

wheels PVC toy,

Material: PVC (nontoxic and eco-friendly)

Color: Can be made according to customer's requirements.

Logo: Customer's own logo can be embossed, debossed in or printed on the toy.

Orders: Small orders available.

Quality: The quality can reach standard requirement. Durable and washable.

Product advantages: Useful, beautiful, individual and fashionable. We provide you the competitive price, excellent quality and best service.

Payment term: 30% deposit advance, 70% before shipment.

wheels PVC toy is very cute and lovely for the children. It can be used as Christmas gift, festival gift, souvenir gift, business gift, birthday gift and so on.

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