What kinds of mobile phone covers?


It can be divided into leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic, velvet, silk, etc.

The model is divided into straight, which can be used;Only leather jackets and bags are used, and a few models with hard plastic cover (samsung's) can only have cloth bags and leather covers.

1. Silicone sleeve is the most well-known type of mobile phone protection.It has a soft, smooth texture and has been popular for many years.The market share has always been in the lead from the development of shoddy goods to well-made individual brands.Because of its outstanding cost performance, the silicone sleeve in the later MP3, the iPod is hot, also popular, is favored by many people.

Silica gel set

2. Leather covers are also popular in all kinds of mobile phone cases.Relative to the style of a single set of silicon, the workplace struggle of business people prefer to use easy and decent holster, and respect for the young people of leisure, holding a mobile phone appearance color single is one's for them.The same as the silicone case, the mobile phone leather cover is divided into two kinds, one is the waist belt that is popular for many years, the suitable type is more common;The other is a pocket-sized portable leather case, often used in high-end smartphones such as the N97 and iphone.Although they may look different, the manufacturing process is much the same.

3. The silicone sleeve and leather cover of crystal shell are different from each other, and each has its own shortcomings. In order to achieve comprehensive protection, another kind of mobile phone protection covers came into being.This is the crystal shell that is favored by women.It is made of organic glass, and its appearance is thick and solid, and its shell is crystal clear.It not only protects the phone effectively, but also does not affect the appearance. It is the length of silicone sleeve and leather sheath.But the selection of the crystal shell is also a test.Although the cost of the crystal shell is not high and the process is relatively simple, some merchants are still able to save on the work and materials in order to earn higher profits.First of all, the appearance of the crystal shell depends largely on the grinding tool, the grinding tool, and the quality of the crystal shell.

4. Set clear water set 

The water is not what the concept of innovation, it is crystal shell and silica gel set mix, belongs to a kind of made of transparent silicone soft hard moderate bumpers, and because transparent like a crystal shell, so named after water.The drawback of the silicone sleeve is that the use of a long time, the body and the body inevitably "like the glue", sometimes must let the phone "fly out of the cage" through the air;The crystal shell, due to its brittle texture and easy to collapse, may lead to frequent replacement.Water sleeve is not easy to loose, flat and suitable size, can say with the silica gel sets and crystal shell, the advantages of both at the same time, in order to beautiful appearance, water set usually printed on the back of exquisite decorative pattern, no longer like silica gel sets and crystal shell color dull.

5. The shell is a subspecies of soft shell, which is named after the shell with a network of air holes. The design is usually simple.Since the rise of the Iphone, many users have preferred the phone's shell.The reason is not him, the structure is strong heat dissipation fast, at first glance the mobile phone appears relaxed and concise.Of course, the drawback of the net shell is also obvious, namely cannot effectively dustproof and waterproof.Wearing time long, there will be a lot of dirt deposits in the small holes, not conducive to the beautiful mobile phone, so pay attention to timely cleaning.Nowadays, there is a rise in the skin net shell, that is, the main body of the net shell is covered by a leather coat, which only maintains the network design of the key part.



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